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  • "The dropout rate from my class had been reduced from 20% to zero and I believe this is due to me using the Worktree method of employability...
  • " I would send into every secondary school in the county" - Cllr John Harvey.
  • "What you do for pupils here is fundamental in supporting our aims for them." - Michael Manley, Headteacher, St. Paul's RC School
  • "The feedback from pupils has been unremittingly positive" - Michael Manley, Headteacher, St. Paul's School
  • "I found this (WorkOut!) session to be very positive for myself and I also feel the students learnt a lot by the way the groups improved int...
  • "Worktree's employability training has been a huge success" - Sue Rickson, Work Experience Administrator, St. Paul's Catholic School
  • “Nearly all the students have had very positive feedback from their employers,” said Paul Winter. “We believe it was Worktree’s employabili...
  • "Taking part in WorkOut! is the best hour I ever spend in my working life" - Karen Mason, Novalex Solicitors
  • "I can honestly say that I have not seen my daughter so enthusiastic and happy in many years. Because of her selective mutism, she has not ...
  • "The work placement has really helped Nathan focus a lot more on his future, and I have seen a real improvement in his attitude since he sta...
  • "Supported Placements have helped my Year 11 boys through their work placements. It seems to have made a big difference to their confidence,...
  • "What I see in these young people is hope. Today I met a lot of young people who were engaging, intelligent and bright" - Martin Brockleban...
  • ‘’The Fresh Minds Event was a fantastic opportunity for us to engage with the students from Leon School, their mature and responsive approac...
  • "I was greatly impressed with the confidence and interest of the students and their use of follow up questions. I hope when they come to th...
  • "I believe Primary WorkOut! has broadened the thinking of many of our pupils and hopefully raised aspirations in addition to providing a gr...
  • "I was amazed at how well my son managed being 'on stage' - totally out of his comfort zone and something he has struggled with very much in...
  • "City Centre WorkOut! was great fun. I loved talking to the kids, so enthusiastic" - Natalie Wright, NHS Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre
  • "It felt good to help young people and I was a lot more comfortable around them than I expected" - Paul Stagg, DHL
  • "It was good for the pupils to be treated like an adult with respect. Thoroughly enjoyed by all and would definitely encourage it take plac...
  • "I learnt that what you dream of as a job is not always what you get" – Leona, Year 6 pupil, Oxley Park School.
  • "It’s wonderfully refreshing to put myself back in the innocent mind of a child – lots of laughter." – Amanda Smyth, Dominos Pizza.
  • "It was a definite eye opener for me into how today’s 14 year olds think. I was left with a very positive impression of the students" - Simo...
  • "I'm quite new to this kind of work in schools and wasn't sure how the pupils would react. it's been very enjoyable" - Andy Pennock, NHBC
  • “The overall communication has been excellent and a substantial improvement over previous years. As a school we have been very impressed an...
  • "Our teams enjoy communicating and interacting with the younger generation" - Walter Tyrer, HR Manager, John Lewis Partnership
  • ‘I learned a lot about my job! I was also interested in the students’ attitudes and it was a better impression than I was expecting’ – Clau...
  • ‘I enjoyed every minute. It helped me develop and get over my fear of standing up and speaking’ – David Wake, John Lewis Partnership.
  • "What's great about WorkOut! for our staff who participate is how energising it is" - Walter Tyrer, HR Manager, John Lewis Partnership
  • "At first I wasn't happy that my son had been referred to iPEC but now think it was the best thing that happened to him" - Ms. Moss, parent.
  • "Primary WorkOut! showed our Year 5-6 pupils the breadth of occupations in MK and you get more from work than just paying for your basic nee...
  • "Primary WorkOut! was a great opportunity for our pupils and teachers to ask questions and get feedback from the people who really do the wo...
  • "Doing the WorkOut! session was the most useful hour I've spent in a long time" - Karen Mason of Novalex Solicitors,
  • "I loved the WorkOut! session. Thank you whoever organised it." - Jacob Yeboah, Oxley Park Primary School pupil
  • "I wish I had this (Primary WorkOut!) when I was their age" - Paul Romans, SNO!zone
  • "The best bit of Get That Job! was the student involvement in short-listing applicants" - Dhiraj Padhlar, Teaching Assistant, Leon School
  • "Our less able learners coped very well because there was great support from the (Worktree) team" - Jon Burgess, Deputy Headteacher, Leon Sc...
  • "The employer guests gave the same, consistent message about work and inspired our learners" - Jon Burgess, Deputy Head, Leon School
  • "It was great to find out how the young people think and see their enthusiasm" - Tabatha Beesley, Beesley & Sons Farm
  • "What I enjoyed most was the childrens' questions - made me remember why I love my job" - Paul Romans, SNO!Zone, Xscape
  • "Activities like this create so much enthusiasm and creativity and are vital for young people preparing for work" – Eric Coveney, Beardow Ad...
  • "I had so much fun doing the WorkOut! session" - Emi-Lu Daley, Frantic-UK Dance Company
  • “It was a pleasure to see children learning from people in the community, not teachers.” – David Harper, Headteacher, Heronsgate Primary Sch...
  • "Lovely students...Count me in for next time!" - Helen Spary, Above And Beyond Events
  • "I learnt a lot from the students and the event helped me reflect on what I’ve done and where I am now." - Irene Beck, FCO Services.
  • "Your team are great and I look forward to working with you and the employers all again." - Jon Burgess, Deputy Headteacher, Leon School.
  • "Our whole experience of Get That Job! was superb, for both students and staff. Amazing learning curve." - Barbara McGlory, White Spire Sch...
  • 'Our Careers and Work Experience arrangements were described by OFSTED as exceptional. Thank you!' - St. Paul's school
  • "I love what I do for a career and to be able to talk about it is just a bonus" - Emi-Lu Daley, Frantic-UK Dance Company more
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We are the Education Business Partnership (EBP) for Milton Keynes, a non-profit organisation with a mission to link


We are the Education Business Partnership (EBP) for Milton Keynes, a non-profit organisation with a mission to link


We are the Education Business Partnership (EBP) for Milton Keynes, a non-profit organisation with a mission to link

Investors in Education Partners

What We Do

What We Do

We are an employability education charity based in Milton Keynes on a mission to help young people succeed in work by engaging employers in their education.

Over 20 years we have developed and delivered a wide range of work related learning services, including work placements and a work-based 'school without walls'.  Currently we offer the following:

  • WorkOut! - introducing a series of guest workers in the classroom
  • Employability Now training - one-day employability skills workshops
  • i-work - weekly half-days over six weeks for job/placement seekers.

We have boxed the best bits for teachers and trainers to use without us:

We also deliver training for teachers and trainers (recently in AfricaChina and India).

Our work is funded mainly by contracts with schools and training organisations, sales of education products and sponsorship from local companies (see left).  Here are our current CHARGES.

Hear a radio interview about what we do (minute 1.22 to 1.33 of pogramme).

To find out more, call 01908 209940 or email


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MK Council Helps Lord Grey Students WorkOut Work Futures 24 Year 10 students from Lord Grey School interviewed

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Employability Trainers In India Certified By Worktree

Employability Trainers In India Certified By Worktree 12 employability trainers in India have been observed

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i-Work Course Gives Employability Confidence

i-Work Course Gives Employability Confidence Over three days in December and January at St.

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